Report: Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif tells parliament regime has worked closely with Soros’s Open Society Foundations

If this report from Israel National News is correct, the Axis of Evil has a new non-state member, George  Soros and his network of Open Society Foundations.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif said Sunday that the Iranian government has worked closely with billionaire George Soros' Open Society Foundations (OSF) organization.

Zarif made the remarks in response to questions raised in the Iranian parliament. According to Zarif, the activity began before he entered his current position, and he boasted that he had succeeded in "keeping the activity organized."

If the cooperation began before Zarif took office as foreign minister, that would mean that it has been ongoing for at least 5 years. It would mean that the JCPOA Iran Nuclear Deal was negotiated while Soros’s network was cooperating in unspecified ways with a regime that has openly declared it wants to wipe Israel from the map.

Lest you think that Soros’s ethnic heritage as a Hungarian Jew has predisposed him to aid Israel, read this account of his efforts to undermine the Jewish State.  

Iran’s parliament has been reflecting the unrest among the Iranian people, who are suffering under the economic collapse caused in large part by President Trump’s sanctions. Last week, President Hassan Rouhani was summoned to parliament and hectored with questions about the economy. And a move was made to impeach the education minister, but called off yesterday.

The sole report of this admission in parliament about coordination with Soros does not contain any details or context. So, it is not clear why the admission was made, nor what the exact nature of the cooperation might be.

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