Maxine Waters and today's Twilight Zone episode

On Sunday nights, I catch the real The Twilight Zone episodes on TV.  It's a great distraction from the news and the 64-84 Rangers.

I didn't have to watch Rod Serling this week.  I just have to read this news story about Representative Maxine Waters, AKA The Impeachment Lady!

Check this out:

Mad Maxine Waters is a leader worthy of honor, according to the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

The group honored the California congresswoman with a "National Leadership Award" on Friday, according to Diversity Inc.

During her acceptance, Waters denounced President Trump, prompting applause from the audience of media leaders.

This is embarrassing, especially the part about the audience of media people breaking into applause.

It's further embarrassing because Representative Waters has not shown signs of leadership.  On the contrary, she is a partisan demagogue telling people what they want to hear.

It would be leadership if Waters would make responsible statements, such as pushing back on reckless talk of impeachment or saying something responsible about black-on-black crime.

Shame on these journalists.  No need to take a secret poll to see whom these journalists voted for in 2016.

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