Yes, an autocrat is easy to spot

Writing in the Washington Post the other day, lefty columnist E.J. Dionne is pumping the old leftist narrative that President Trump is a tyrant, producing pious drivel like this: How do democratic countries get to the point where they give up on self-rule?  Under what circumstances do demagogues capture large audiences through irrational, emotional appeals unmoored from fact, logic or morality?  When do politicians responsible for maintaining a democratic system surrender to dictators? These questions are more pertinent to us in the early 21st century than we would wish. As if we're not supposed to think of President Trump with such endorsements, given the press's wall-to-wall claims that Trump is a tyrant. But just in case we're a little clueless, Dionne makes it clear for us that Trump is the guy he's talking about as the New Hitler: Consider this declaration from Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler's chief...(Read Full Post)