Where's the press after a century of bad climate predictions?

For more than 120 years of modern weather chronicles, the "experts" have given dire predictions about climate, going back and forth from cooling to warming and then back again.  The warnings today are not at all different from the past.  It would be nice if the Wall Street Journal or some other news outlet that up until now has been enthralled with the global warming predictions would instead print up the dire warnings from the past and explain why they were wrong and explain why the ones today are any better. Basically, the warnings today look like a means by which the government can confiscate huge amounts of money from the public to take more control of our lives because their previous dire predictions have not been true, and the "experts" keep manipulating the computer models and numbers due to the actual weather not corresponding with their predictions. I believe that it is absolutely nuts for anyone to believe that governments...(Read Full Post)