Where the real racism comes from

The assertion that people who support Trump are racist has never been credible. There are two arguments advanced to bolster this assertion: a racial disparity in lethal police shootings, and examples of white people dehumanizing black people. Police shootings are statically quantifiable.  Harvard Professor Roland Fryer analysed them and concluded,  “On the most extreme use of force -- officer-involved shootings -- we find no racial differences...” I’ve concluded that the widely circulated examples of whites behaving rudely toward blacks are real. None of these incidents involve Trump supporters.  They all come from the left. Theresa Lund, Executive Director, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, sneers at a black woman.  Theresa didn’t approve of the lady playing with her children in her own yard.  “Are you one of the affordable units or are you with Harvard?”  In the video it’s, Theresa thinks...(Read Full Post)