What part of 'illegal' does Sen. Mazie Hirono not understand?

Democratic senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii is "confused" about why illegals get detained by lawmen. No, really.  Apparently, Democrats have skidded so far downhill that they don't even understand that illegals are here illegally.  As the word says. Yesterday's lovely exchange between a lawyerly Immigration and Customs Enforcement official and Hirono was the proof of it.  After the ICE official had to take the time to school her in basic immigration law, all she could respond with was, "I'm confused." Take a gander: Or you can see it here.  "FRC," by the way, is ICE-speak for "Family Residential Center." Hirono was busy trying to make political hay for Democrats out of the issue of family separations of illegal border-crossers as somehow being especially inhuman.  Never mind that family separations occur pretty much any time anyone is hauled in by the law,...(Read Full Post)