Washington Post defends 'soldier-slapping' Palestinian teenager with truckload of misinformation

I read with interest The Washington Post article "Palestinian teen protester who slapped, kicked Israeli soldier leaves prison" (7/30/18).  The sympathy-laden piece glorifies 17-year old "soldier-slapping" Palestinian Ahed Tamimi and excoriates Israel for "occupying" the West Bank, which it captured in "a" war in 1967.  May I clarify that Israel captured the West Bank in self-defense after being attacked from it by Jordan in the famous "Six-Day War," one of the finest and most rapid victories in the history of warfare – not just "a" war against some unknown, unnamed opponent?  The Washington Post knows full well that omitting whom Israel won the West Bank from leads the reader to naturally assume that Israel won it from the Palestinians – nothing farther from the truth.  Using the expression that Israel "captured" the land makes it seem as if Israel was the aggressor – also nothing farther from the truth.

So while The Washington Post is glorifying Palestinians and vilifying Israel for imprisoning a 17-year-old "minor," another 17-year-old Palestinian "minor" hacked to death 31-year-old Israeli Yotam Ovadia, husband and father of two.  The Palestinian "minor" would have killed more had Ovadia not fought back gallantly to his unfortunate demise.

In the article, the Post quotes a so-called human rights group taking Israel to task for imprisoning Palestinian minors.  The Post further prints lyrics from Palestinian songs praising the actions of the soldier-slapping minor.

The Post's pro-Palestinian agenda rewards the Palestinians by giving them a free pass for inciting young people.  I am waiting for the Post to give "reasons" (excuses) for why a 17-year-old Palestinian would hack to death a Jew.  Will the Post print lyrics praising this "malcontent" 17-year-old Palestinian murderer?  I doubt it.

Let's get real: the youth are incited and brainwashed by the Palestinian adults – their parents, teachers, journalists, clergy, and the Palestinian Authority.  Why are there no articles on Palestinian child abuse?

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