Venezuela's filthy-rich oil-looting elites about to get their comeuppance

As Venezuela descends into ruin and millions flee their homeland, one byproduct of its lethal socialism has generally gotten off scot-free: the crony capitalist oil billions of Venezuela's Chavista nomenklatura elites, made rich by looting Venezuela's oil bounty. Well, until now.  The Miami Herald reports: Federal prosecutors have frozen hundreds of millions of dollars in South Florida luxury real estate and other assets linked to a network of Venezuelan business people and former government officials charged with laundering more than $1 billion that U.S. authorities say was stolen from the country's vast oil income. Among the targeted assets are at least 17 South Florida homes, condos and horse ranches ranging in total value from $22 million to $35 million, based on property assessments in public records and real estate market estimates. They include a condo in the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach, a residence in the...(Read Full Post)