Surprising support for Trump yanking Brennan's security clearance

This may be a sign that the tide is turning and the cabal that conspired to fix the 2016 presidential election and then, when that failed, remove Trump from office is going to be exposed and ultimately held to account.  As the Democrats and their media enablers bloviate about John Brennan's imaginary First Amendment right to a perpetual security clearance, a statement of support for the president came from an unexpected source yesterday.  Lou Dobbs tweeted:



Senator Richard Burr (official photo).

Lou Dobbs may be on to something in terms of the significance of this statement.  Burr is highlighting a trap that Brennan is now caught in.  As Clarice Feldman pointed out, Senator Burr is the chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) and a member of the Gang of Eight that gets access to the most secret documents.  He is also a conspicuous member of the GOP establishment and until yesterday had been reticent in his approach to these Deep State scandals.  Yet here he is, alluding to a trap that Brennan may be in.

President Trump signaled his appreciation of the importance of this move:



I have all along hoped that the story of the cabal would emerge in clear outline before the midterms, because President Trump is the master of the reality television story arc, and because he has the power to declassify any evidence he wants the public to know about.  

Senator Burr, no matter how deep his Deep State ties, knows this, too, and also knows what's in most of those critical classified documents.





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