Republican vs. Democratic mayors of Somerville, Mass.: A contrast

The current Democratic mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, Joseph A. Curtatone, has taken to Twitter.  He has boldly vowed, "I will never drink Sam Adam's [sic] beer again!" He said that in response to a Twitter post by Joseph Barri: Sam Adams beer founder dined with Trump, thanked him for tax cut.  Guess we resistors aren't Sam Adams beer drinkers.  Just saying. So that is the best the "resistors" have got? Let us look at the record of what the eighth mayor of Somerville did to resist rebellion and slavery.  His name was Major William Henry Hodgkins.  He was my great-grandfather's oldest brother and a Republican.  He has his own Wikipedia page. At the urging of the Republican president of the United States, he enlisted as a private in the 36th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.  He kept a diary, which has been published: Shall the Union Be...(Read Full Post)