Political speeches at the Hall of Fame

Like some of you, I like Hall of Fame speeches.  They connect us with old favorites who bring back memories of this sport or that. Over the years, the speeches have been about parents, a special coach, or just the thrill of doing something most of us dream of doing. Randy Moss, a pretty good receiver, made it political by selectively showing indignation about black crime in the U.S.: Along with his gold jacket, Moss sported a black tie with the names of a dozen black men and women , who were either killed by police or died in police custody, printed in gold letters.  Some of the names included: Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland and Michael Brown. Yes, we regret any loss of life, but Randy Moss needs to go the extra yard. He overlooks the real "black-on-black crime" crisis tearing up inner cities like Baltimore and Chicago. Yes, blacks are killing each other, but nobody talks about that problem. Maybe the topic is...(Read Full Post)