Always a showman, Trump spots a star in Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan

ABC News and other mainstream press elements seemed to think President Trump was distracted or something when he unexpectedly recognized House Rep. Jim Jordan at a rally and the Ohio crowd went wild.

Actually, he was Trump doing what he does best, which is recognizing talent.

Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse has an amazing frame-by-frame analysis of how Trump recognized the frisson of excitement in the room when he brought up the name Jim Jordan, and then responded to it in perfectly timed form, impromptu, off script, and perfectly improvised, the way a good actor can do it. The Sundance analysis is spot-on:

In another example for the keen political instincts of President Trump; he can tell from the automatic vibe that jumped in the air when he said the name “Jim Jordan”; the President calls Jordan to the stage…. and another authentic MAGA moment happens spontaneously.

Remember, Jim Jordan said in an interview just a few weeks ago that he had never met President Trump, and had never personally talked to him.  However, when POTUS Trump senses the crowds response to the words “Jim Jordan” he immediately identifies the importance and value.

And Sundance points to something interesting: Trump is a master showman, not just by nature, but by practiced experience in the world of reality TV. He knows how to speak off teleprompter and he knows how to work (as well as respond) to a crowd.

Here's just one example of how Sundance analyzed it:

Trump's endorsements are magical (just ask Rep. Diane Black what not getting one means), and he uses them just enough to create a record for winning. What's more, he knows who to endorse in the sense of who will bring a decent return on investment, and who won't.

As Thomas Lifson has observed, he seems to have some of the same talents the Marx Brothers had. The old-line Hollywood comics, who can easily be dismissed as just comedians, but who produced a major money-making productions as well as a quality product that is still watchable today. The model seems to have been studied and internalized by Trump, and it works just as well in politics as in commercial entertainment. Like the brothers, Trump's a master of the medium.

For Jim Jordan, that's an awfully good piece of news, given that Sundance thinks it may mean Trump endorses Jordan for House Speaker. If Trump thinks this guy will be everything Paul Ryan was not, which is to say, loyal to the Trump agenda and willing to get the job done, it could mean great things for the Trump agenda if the GOP manages to keep the House at midterms. 

Intriguingly, all because Trump knows how to work a room.


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