Ocasio-Cortez bans press from town hall event

More than 300 newspapers recently published a joint editorial criticizing Donald Trump for threatening the freedom of the press.  But, to date, there haven't been more than a handful of editorials written criticizing socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for banning the media from a town hall event last weekend. Ocasio-Cortez's explanation for preventing media coverage of the event reveals who really threatens freedom of the press. ABCNews: Replying to a reporter who questioned why the event was closed, she tweeted, "Our community is 50% immigrant.  Folks are victims of DV, trafficking, + have personal medical issues.  This town hall was designed for residents to feel safe discussing sensitive issues in a threatening political time.  We indicated previously that it would be closed to press." After you pick your jaw up off the floor, you might want to tie it to your head after you hear more: In a story...(Read Full Post)