Obstruction? Ask Democrats about 'obstruction'

Every day, the media attack President Trump, in their collusion with the Democrats. This week, they are claiming that Trump is obstructing justice because he tweeted that he wishes Attorney General Jeff Sessions would end the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation. Yet if we want to talk about obstruction of justice, there's no better place to go than the Democrats themselves.  One of the big Democrats, President Obama, said publicly that there was "not a smidgen" of evidence that Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt organization chief Lois Lerner, or other IRS employees, did anything wrong when they clearly targeted political opponents of Obama.  In the aftermath, Obama's Justice Department dutifully didn't charge anyone. Obama said he didn't think his would-be successor, Hillary Clinton, did anything real bad when she violated the nation's security laws.  Obama's Justice Department dutifully did...(Read Full Post)