#MeToo's second act is another disaster for the left

I watched with great amusement as #MeToo exposed the hypocrisy of the Democrats when it comes to feminist issues.  Harvey Weinstein's alleged behavior is as gross as the financial donations to the Clintons and other Democrats were huge.  Even better, virtually the entire Hollywood leftist claque was discredited in their posturing and hectoring of us for not living up to their proclaimed levels of virtue.  Meryl Streep, who identified Weinstein as "God," seems to have been quiet about politics of late. Most of the other first-stage villains were also identified with progressive causes, though not all (Bill O'Reilly is the most prominent non-prog job-loser).  Some, like Kevin Spacey, have seen their careers virtually destroyed as the public rejects their work, while others who lost their jobs may be hoping for a comeback.   But now #MeToo enters a new stage. The hysteria has cooled, and Democrats (in...(Read Full Post)