Experts predict: Men, women, heterosexuals will sweep midterm elections

The New York Times loves to write about identity groups, but only certain ones.  So if you're heterosexual; a man who is certain he's a man; or, increasingly, a woman who's certain she's a woman, you're not going to find a lot of articles about your identity group in the Times – unless, of course, your identity group has been "oppressing" other identity groups. That's why it takes inferences from a breathless article talking about the "LGBTQ" community to figure out the good news.  According to the Times, 400 gays, lesbians, women disguised as men, and men disguised as women are running for office.  The article states that there are already 500 elected officials who either prefer sodomy or like to cross-dress, but these 500 make up about 0.1% of elected officials.  That means, therefore, that, even if this crop of 400 all win their races, 99.8% of elected officials will still be heterosexuals,...(Read Full Post)