Democrats wheel out the 'kids' as a campaign theme, again

One of the Washington Post's left-wing columnists, Catherine Rampell. is giving advice to Democrats that they should run on the "kids" issue. She brings up the border issue with its illegal immigration issue as related to "kids," for one thing. That's funny: I somehow can't recall a single instance of where she gave a damn about kids at the border during Obama's eight years.  Trump is actually trying to keep families together by encouraging illegals not to break the law in the first place.  He's also discouraging and stopping human-traffickers from taking control of kids on the way to the U.S. Yet here is what Rampell has to say about it: A winning theme for Democrats?  Kids. And if President Trump gets his way, he would snatch more money away from children. His administration's 2019 budget slashes funding for children's programs almost across the board.  Relative...(Read Full Post)
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