'CNN sucks': A nice change of pace

Hysteria over "CNN sucks" is ludicrous.  Yes, it is a breach in the decorum historically expected of presidents that Trump is leading the chant, but I for one think stripping the presidency and politics in general of the false façade of respectability is refreshing.  We have too long given adoration and respect to vile creatures who ascend to office on the backs of sophistry and lies, only to be betrayed to the duplicitous snakes they serve: the corrupt "corporate agenda served by establishment politicians."  The quoted words are those of Noam Chomsky, who correctly observed that both parties serve the same interests. This country is, perhaps, too recently deferential to royalty, and we have hopefully and naïvely instilled in our elected representatives an imprimatur of respectability and honesty that is scarcely deserved.  Presidents, politicians, pundits, and press have become royalty, living lives much...(Read Full Post)