Biology determines personality (and gender)

Three Identical Strangers is an excellent documentary about triplets (and twins) who were put up for adoption and placed in different types of homes in order to secretly study their differences due to different environments.  This project was the brainchild of Peter B. Neubauer, a Freudian Jewish psychiatrist.  Considering that the project was well funded, employed numerous individuals, lasted over a decade, and accumulated a lot of data, the fact that the results were never published is extremely suspicious, especially if one does a Google Search on Neubauer and sees that he published numerous articles full of Freudian gibberish.  I suspect that the results may have gone against his hypothesis and that the hypothesis was that nurture (environment) is more important than nature (genetics), since the triplets (and twins) independently developed identical interests and mannerisms. This is relevant today because of idiocies being peddled by both...(Read Full Post)