Wrap it up, Mr. Mueller

Lloyd Billingsley runs an interesting reminder of recent American history in the FrontPageMag.com issue of 27 July 2018.  The article shows that Russia has meddled in U.S. elections ever since 1924 by having its own candidate in presidential elections, either a socialist or communist.  Talk about collusion!  This never bothered anybody until Donald Trump became president, and only then because the Democrats lost.

It's beginning to look like the Mueller "investigation" is really just a jobs program for a bunch of hard-left D.C. ambulance-chasers.  Mueller himself is so discredited that only a smoking gun with Trump's fingerprints all over it would even have a chance of rescuing the tatters of his dubious program, much less his dubious reputation.  By now everyone knows that Mueller isn't disinterested.  Everyone knows his report will be slanted every possible way to reach its predetermined conclusion.  And everyone, once the report is issued, will cut loose with a lengthy yawn.

One can hope that Mueller's futile chase after his own tail will result in the demise of the special counsel statute.  While it isn't clear that Kenneth Starr's effort to nab Bill Clinton ran as far off the rails as the Mueller probe has, both investigations were constitutionally problematic and ended up exacerbating tensions between the two parties.

As if exacerbation were needed.  Maxine Waters and Cory Booker busily call for in-your-face confrontation with Trump officials.  This thinly disguised call for racial violence will get just that if something isn't done to shut up these black racialists.

Shut it down, Mr. Mueller.  The whole country is fed up.  You are the Vietnam war all over again, the Establishment doing something the people do not support, something that embitters foes, ruins lives, and threatens to run completely out of control in America's streets.  Wrap it up and let it go.  Your side lost.  You lost.  Deal with it.

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