About that economic good news...

The economic news across the board is great.  On Friday, the government said the economy grew 4.1% in the second quarter, and the experts predict at least 3% for the full year, which would be the fastest annual growth since 2005.

That must be a coincidence.

Recall that in 2003, President Bush cut taxes and the economy grew very rapidly in 2004 and 2005.  Recall also that President Reagan cut taxes in 1982, triggering a massive economic expansion.  Now Trump cuts taxes, substantially, across the board, starting in 2018, and the economy grows the fastest since 2005.  That must be dumb luck.

Isn't it astonishing that Obama's policies of high taxes, massive government regulations, huge government spending increases, and record-low interest rates never achieved a 3% year-over-year growth, even coming out of a deep recession? It must have been bad luck for Obama and his team of economic experts, while the growth in 2018 in Trump's second year in office is because Obama set him up.

It is a miracle.  After eight years of the slowest economic recovery in seventy years, Obama's good economic theories finally kicked in and Trump's policies of cutting taxes and reducing regulations are just coincidental to the growth.

To believe that any of that garbage allows journalists and Democrats to pretend it was Trump who gave in to the European Union on trade instead of the E.U. understanding that Trump is serious about addressing the serious imbalances in terms of trade that have built up over decades and finally saying they want to move towards zero tariffs.  My guess is that after this deal with the E.U. is worked out, the dominoes will start to fall with Mexico, Canada, and China making some concessions to level the field, too.  Of course, this will be reported as Trump caving because he didn't get 100% of what he demanded.  We always see reports that Trump does not compromise, yet when he works out a deal, they then say he caved.  The bias, ahem, is so hard to spot.

The Democrats, including journalists, seeking to take over the House and seats in the Senate have proposed reversing the tax cuts.  That is pure genius.  If you see something working, you should get rid of it.

Looking at all the Democrat-proposed policies in response to the good economic news!  We see that almost every policy involves transferring more power and money to the government from the people and businesses so the powerful central government can have control and so more people are dependent on government.

In contrast, Trump's policies are meant to transfer the power, money, and freedom back to the people and businesses as fast as he can so more people have a chance to be independent and move up the economic ladder.

Yet Trump is the one who is described repeatedly as a dictator who wants complete control.  The Democrats, including the media, intentionally get it backwards to mislead the public because they need to collude in order to get votes.  It helps tremendously to have a Justice Department, an FBI, and intelligence agencies to help with the collusion.

Isn't it time for the media to focus more on the obviously excellent economic news if they actually want to unite the country?

After all, we were repeatedly told the economy would collapse if Trump was elected.  Shouldn't journalists, who say they always present facts in an unbiased fashion, want to correct the record in order to continue seeing record low unemployment among blacks, Hispanics, and women, or do these "progressives" want to go backwards to more government dependency?

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