Why should people out of power have clearances, anyway?

Years ago, I remember hearing the story of President Nixon's final flight from the White House to California.  The president took off on Air Force One, but it changed to a military flight as soon as President Ford was sworn in.  In other words, the president of the U.S. was no longer on board! The principle is that when it comes to matters of state, once you're out, you're out. Put me down as someone who does not understand why former Obama officials have security clearances anyway.  Why do we do that?  You are either in or out, or so I understood. President Trump should pull the security clearances.  It's even more imperative, given that many of these Obama officials are now partisan commentators, as Jim Hanson points out: There is a longstanding tradition of granting former officials continued clearance to allow them to be consulted about actions they took and insights they might...(Read Full Post)