What is roiling the water in DC? Abject fear!

The disgraceful, frenzied reaction to President Trump's press conference with Vladimir Putin on Monday would be hilarious if it were not so deadly serious.  It goes without saying that the White House press corps and its international fellows who were present in the room hoped to use the event to attack Trump, no matter what he said.  Had he convinced Putin to resign, they would have attacked with equal fervor.  Following a private meeting between the two men, then further conversation with advisers, the people of the press seemed to think they were the stars of this show, that the world was waiting to hear their questions asked with their cherished ability to make heads of state squirm.  For reasons no one can discern, these not-journalists see themselves as the one and only conduit of information between Trump and Putin and "the people."  They seem to have forgotten that we can all read, think, and come to conclusions on...(Read Full Post)