Making sexual dysfunction appear normal

We're living through a strange era, one in which logic and reason has been turned on its head, forcing us to view the world through the lens of the seriously deranged.  These insidious distortions of reality come in many forms, but, in this instance, I'd like to address the issue of biological sex.  A mere few decades ago, who would have imagined that one day we'd be told that there are more than two sexes?  With a plethora of scientific and commonsense evidence describing a male and female as the necessary ingredients for the continuation of the human species (and non-human species) on this planet, we are now instructed to learn that there have been many other sexes hiding in the shadows.

Far be it for me to tell anyone who he should claim to be at any given moment, but claiming to be something or someone that you're not can work only during a masquerade party, at an audition for a movie role, or as part of a con game.  Unless we want to lose our grip on reality, we should always keep in mind that there's a natural order to the universe.  Yet it's tough to keep an orderly mind when one's cerebral cortex is constantly inundated with some frivolous science made up of whimsical proclamations from politically correct politicians and social theorists.

It's one thing to desire someone of your own sex, since that still recognizes the fact that there's only two.  On the other hand, if someone decides he's a member of a third, fourth, or tenth sex, there may be some serious counseling needed.  I write this with all due trepidation in this brave new world, in which self-satisfaction is paramount and infidels are targeted for destruction.  Nevertheless, how much more absurdity are we to accept as the typical eccentricities of a complex society?  When the mayor of New York City wakes up one morning and declares that there are no fewer than "31 genders," it's way past the time for some of our country's leaders to challenge him.

It's not as though this was proclaimed by a street urchin, high on some mixture of mind-altering drugs and posting his bizarre exhortations on a graffiti-filled wall.  De Blasio is the mayor of arguably the most prominent city in the nation.  What troubles me most is that there are no local or national voices with the courage to publicly denounce this ludicrous drivel and call for a return to sanity, a time when we could distinguish the differences between men and women.  Isn't moral clarity vital for a civilized society, based on religious principles?

Not only did the mayor create a list of what seems like LSD-inspired sexual categories (i.e., gender-bender, gender fluid, non-binary, and the ever popular drag king), but his far left Commission on Human Rights made it illegal to use any of those 31 categories improperly.  Anyone who does so in public is subject to a fine of up to $250,000.  Moreover, the commission warns people to use the correct pronoun when addressing one of those "genders" and apologize in the event of a mistake.

Anything I write from this point on will certainly put me in the crosshairs of those who have never witnessed an aberration they didn't willingly embrace.  Nonetheless, in the interest of rational reasoning, shouldn't we be pushing back against this fanatical violation of common sense?

Call me unsophisticated for not wanting to blithely concur when told that there are 29 more sexes in my orbit that I was unaware of.  How could I know about them if they never existed until we entered this new age of convoluted judgment spurred on by a few elected officials with no moral foundation?

Speaking of no moral foundation, recently, California governor Jerry Brown signed the "Gender Recognition Act," which makes it easier for "transgender, intersex and non-binary people to obtain state-issued identity documents that reflect their gender."  It seems to me that what California and New York are doing is enabling the capricious minds of the mentally defective.  If someone walks along the street and vociferously proclaims that he is Napoleon, the responsible thing to do is get him some psychiatric help.  De Blasio and Brown would probably agree with him and advise him to invade Russia.

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