The World Cup, the left, and nationalism

The World Cup has proven to be a great challenge to the political left, especially in Europe.  Normally, the left loves to put down any unique cultural expression of pride in its quest for pure, unadulterated internationalism.  It tries to delegitimize those who do not agree by labeling them "tribal," implying that they are as out of touch with the times as cave-dwellers.  And yet, more and more, leftists on the internet are expressing their national pride by rooting for their home teams. So what actually drives the pride they take in a national victory?  Whether or not the left wants to admit it, we humans are destined by our human nature to take pride in our identities.  More than anything else, our national cultures are, perhaps, the overwhelming majority of our identities.  We see the world through the lenses of cultures: we think in languages determined by culture, our values our determined by our...(Read Full Post)