Carly Fiorina educates leftist Katie Couric on 'climate change'

In a most enlightening YouTube video (embedded below), former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina makes leftist "journalist" Katie Couric look like a fool regarding the climate change issue.  While engaging Couric, Fiorina emphasizes the reality of American dependence upon oil and coal and how these energy sources are needed for the nation's basic survival.

Fiorina explains that attempting to cut these energy sources off completely makes no logical sense.  Fiorina uses plain old common sense, logic, and facts in confronting the leftist ideologue Katie Couric.  Fiorina cites innovation as the solution to the so-called "problem" of climate change – as opposed to shutting down American businesses and eliminating jobs through rogue and reckless EPA regulations.

The climate change phenomenon has become one of the greatest ruses ever perpetrated upon mankind.  Barack Obama used the EPA as a weapon against America's middle class.  By simply reversing the past Obama EPA regulations, President Trump has jump-started the American economy.  It really wasn't rocket science, but just common sense.

President Trump's bold reversal of most of the Obama era's EPA regulations has awoken a bunch of U.S. citizens, and this awakening is now putting the climate alarmists into state of panic and rage.  The alarmists' effort to convince people that the Earth is in a state of perpetual and imminent danger is quickly losing its luster.  People in general are growing tired of these incessant climate alarmist warnings – warnings by leftist politicians and so-called scientists that come attached with ominous predictions, meaning apocalyptic predictions that never seem to come to true.

This use of political propaganda in conjunction with junk science is finally being seen for what it is: politically charged hyperbolic climate alarmism, being used to create fear and instill guilt among the populace, being promulgated under the guise of goodness in order to advance a radical leftist agenda – an agenda hell-bent on destroying the American economy and U.S. sovereignty.

Climate alarmism never really had anything to do with the climate for any of these leftist globalist politicians.  Rather, it had everything to do with taking the U.S. down a few pegs as a nation, along with destroying our individual liberty.  Imposing carbon taxes upon U.S. citizens and creating a police state through the installation of endless "smart" grids continues to be part of the nefarious end game for many of these liberal elitists.

Many climate models have been flawed since the very beginning of this never ending ruse, and even if you happen to believe the hype, a new study suggests there is hope for mankind due to these faulty models.  Most sane people are starting to realize that Obama and his fellow globalists have taken us all for fools.  We must realize that it was never about the environment, as Obama's own EPA chief readily admits.  Rather, it was all about the U.S. making symbolic gestures in hope that the rest of the world might catch up with us in a few decades.  Why would any rational U.S. citizen want to destroy his way of life with an economic Armageddon, especially if it is based upon a theory or junk science?

Most rational people are unwilling to destroy entire economies based upon a "scientific" theory – a theory that relies mainly on temperature data beginning about 150 years ago, all while conveniently ignoring the fact that the Earth has been around for a few billion years.  I guess most people are waking up to the realization that they have been hoodwinked into buying into some really bad computer "science" models, which, by design have been combined with alarmist leftist political propaganda in order to stymie logic.  Flawed climate models are more and more prevalent today.  Most critical thinkers are beginning to grow increasingly aware of this and weary of this manufactured crisis.

In the end, we all must realize that the Earth is a magnificent adapter when it comes to the environment.  The Earth has a way of surviving and adapting to the many different and difficult situations it has encountered throughout the ages.  It most likely will continue to do so.

We must also realize that scientists should never become close-minded; legitimate scientists without political agendas welcome debate rather than demanding that it be quelled.  Real scientists are always open to new theories and new evidence.  Those who believe that climate change has become a settled science are not real scientists, but rather political pawns complicit in peddling an agenda that destroys jobs, takes the food off people's tables, and increases the price of everything we as human beings use and consume.  It can even create hysteria to the point to where some of its members go crazy.  Some can even wind up doing the most unseemly things, with sometimes fatal consequences.  All this craziness, sadly, is carried out in the name of the left's new "religion," the Climate Change Cult.

Time for everybody to become fully aware of the virtue-signaling of these lefties in the climate change cult.  Emotion and guilt are now being pushed upon people in order to advance a political agenda.  This seems to be the best play the liberals currently have in their playbook of endless propaganda.

Most human beings care about the planet, but most U.S. citizens just aren't willing to destroy the U.S. economy and relinquish most of our individual liberty based upon some theory.  Shutting down clean coal and making fossil fuels obsolete doesn't make any practical sense.  We depend too much on these energy sources for our way of life, not to mention the fact that both of these energy sources are an integral part of our national security.

The leftist climate alarmists almost seem to be wishing for a climate apocalypse.  Many within this new cult seem to be rooting for climate Armageddon – all while promoting a self-inflicting and self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.  The world becomes a dangerous place when people are willing to go to crazy extremes in order to advance a political agenda.

Time for us to take a step back and come to understand the dangerous consequences of junk science and leftist political agendas, especially when they become intertwined.  Economies become destroyed, and many people begin to start acting like members of a cult.  The greatest danger to a free society is when one group tries to shut down all contrary debate.  Free speech should remain sacred on all sides.

Climate change, global warming – whatever you wish to call it, it is far from a settled science.  We should all be wary of people, politicians, and so-called scientists who push this alarmist climate agenda, especially when these people try to shut down every other person's point of view who dares to disagree.

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