Carly Fiorina educates leftist Katie Couric on 'climate change'

In a most enlightening YouTube video (embedded below), former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina makes leftist "journalist" Katie Couric look like a fool regarding the climate change issue.  While engaging Couric, Fiorina emphasizes the reality of American dependence upon oil and coal and how these energy sources are needed for the nation's basic survival. Fiorina explains that attempting to cut these energy sources off completely makes no logical sense.  Fiorina uses plain old common sense, logic, and facts in confronting the leftist ideologue Katie Couric.  Fiorina cites innovation as the solution to the so-called "problem" of climate change – as opposed to shutting down American businesses and eliminating jobs through rogue and reckless EPA regulations. The climate change phenomenon has become one of the greatest ruses ever perpetrated upon mankind.  Barack Obama used the EPA as a...(Read Full Post)