The SCOTUS nominee has to be 'controversial' because...Trump

Operating at maximum meltdown mode since President Donald J. Trump's election 20 months ago, the close-minded, narrow-minded, no-minded lefties (and no, they're not "alt,"; they're standard mainstream lefty) absolutely lost whatever shreds of pretend functioning ability they still had when they realized that their nightmare president would choose another Supreme Court justice.  Springing into berserk mad action, they robotically – well, I'm being unfair to robots – denounced Trump's choice before he, she, it, cis was named.   Ever prepared, never thinking, the mad pink hatters of the so-called Women's March accidentally released  their prepared statement, authoritatively condemning extremist nominee XX, later, tightening their pussycat head coverings, inserting – and misspelling – Kavanaugh's name. Twitter screen grab. Then again, facts and accuracy aren't as...(Read Full Post)