Left vs. Right: It's all about fear, real vs. concocted

Scott Adams, the creator-artist of the cartoon series "Dilbert," has a huge following online.  On his blog, he posts short videos about his personal take on current events.  He calls his videos "Periscope."

On July 3, he addressed the #WalkAway movement begun by Brandon Straka.  Adams admits that he did not take the hashtag seriously at first until he listened to Straka's reasoned account of why he was leaving the Democratic Party.  Straka is leaving not because of policy differences.

In this fifteen-minute video, Adams explains the difference between the left and the right, between Trump and the loudest voices on the left: fear.


Put simply, Trump, Adams says, uses fear – but fear of reality, actual threats, fear of those outside our borders who do in fact mean us harm: ISIS, criminal illegal migrants like MS-13, North Korea's and Iran's nuclear ambitions, grossly unfair trade policies of China, the threat a regulatory state poses to liberty, etc.

The left, on the other hand, manipulates and incites fear of fellow Americans, one's neighbors.  That is precisely what the Democrats do.  On a daily basis, they rant and rave about the evil of American white men, of American conservatives of any stripe, of offensive words, of American Christians, of nuclear families.  They want us all to boycott businesses owned by Christians, like Chick-fil-A.  They malign and attack politicians, columnists, and jurists who are not far-left activists and defend illegal migrants, anti-American Muslims, even sexual predators like those who attempt to enter the U.S. with smuggled children not their own.

They are ranting and raving now because President Trump has appointed a (we hope) rigorous constitutionalist to SCOTUS.  As Ted Kennedy did when Reagan nominated Robert Bork in 1987, our left will pull out all the stops.  Leftists will tell us again that blacks and gays will be rounded up and caged.  Women will be relegated to the dark ages before Roe v. Wade – they will be imprisoned for miscarriages!  This is how extreme their fear-mongering is and will continue to be.

The forces aligned behind them, all those Soros-funded groups, the Center for American Progress, and others will stop at nothing.  There is no low too low when it comes to their intention to scare people to death.  The left is happy in the gutter if its tactics work.  This is why those who are waking up are leaving the Democratic Party.  WalkAway is real and growing.  There are now countless like-minded videos posted on YouTube, and over five million people on Facebook have watched Straka's original testimonial.

Adams does not, in his video, address the growing incivility and violence directed at Trump-supporters and at recognizable members of his administration.  He does not mention the thoroughly offensive diatribes calling for such violence like those of Maxine Waters and her defenders.  The Democratic Party of today is not the party of JFK.  It is the party of projection; its members accuse everyone on the right of the malice they themselves feel and demonstrate.  The party is morphing into some sort of revolutionary domestic terror group that is actively promoting anarchy.  Led so far down the road to fear of everything and everyone right of center, these people have lost their grip on reality and sanity.  They fear imaginary perils.  The things Trump tells us are dangerous to us actually are threats to the national security of the United States and need to be addressed. 

We all know by now that the left, personified by President Obama, hates the Constitution because it lays out what the government cannot do instead of what it must do.  Authoritarians (fascists), more than anything else, want the power to control the rest of us, thus the extreme regulatory state Obama built over his eight years.  Trump has been undoing all those regs that hamstrung the economy, and now business is booming.  His success on nearly all the issues he ran on is undeniable.

Lifelong Democrats, Millennials, African-Americans, Hispanics are waking up to the party's exploitation of the fears the party itself has inculcated in them for sixty years.  Unemployment for those groups is at the lowest point ever!  The jobs Obama told everyone were never coming back are coming back.

This is what the left has feared most: Trump's raging success.  Why does he succeed?  Contrary to the theory of the senseless Charles Blow of the NYT, because he is the most fearless president we have ever had.

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