The coming Democratic crackup

The signs are there for anyone with eyes to see.  Despite media-inflated stories of the popularity of Bernie Sanders and his fellow travelers, the radicalized Democratic Party is heading for a major crackup.  The trend started with the rise of the Tea Party (2009), followed by the Democratic loss of the House (2010) and the Senate (2014) and then Donald Trump's stunning election in 2016.  At each stage of this progression, left-wingers have dialed up their hysteria, their lies, their hate, and even their violence.  Now it is reaching a fever pitch.  But it has been to no avail.  Indeed, all the rage has been, if anything, counterproductive.  Could it be that this November will be a climax, forcing, among other things, George Soros to go to his grave a defeated and frustrated old man?  The media paint a picture of the left being full of fight and determination to continue Barack Hussein Obama's...(Read Full Post)