The coming Democratic crackup

The signs are there for anyone with eyes to see.  Despite media-inflated stories of the popularity of Bernie Sanders and his fellow travelers, the radicalized Democratic Party is heading for a major crackup. 

The trend started with the rise of the Tea Party (2009), followed by the Democratic loss of the House (2010) and the Senate (2014) and then Donald Trump's stunning election in 2016.  At each stage of this progression, left-wingers have dialed up their hysteria, their lies, their hate, and even their violence.  Now it is reaching a fever pitch. 

But it has been to no avail.  Indeed, all the rage has been, if anything, counterproductive.  Could it be that this November will be a climax, forcing, among other things, George Soros to go to his grave a defeated and frustrated old man? 

The media paint a picture of the left being full of fight and determination to continue Barack Hussein Obama's transformation of America into a European-type socialistic paradise with a multicultural emphasis.  This may be true for the hardcore activists, but they are relatively few in number.  So what might be the dominant mood of the run-of-the-mill Democratic voter?  It is one of depression and a feeling of hopelessness.  They've seen their side throw absolutely everything at the conservative resurgence and President Trump in particular and watched as one event after another went against them.  Even the media, with their fake news stories and skewed polls, can't snap liberals out of their funk.  The party's only option seems to be doubling down on the losing hand it has been playing. 

Some examples: The liberal media's drumbeat message is that Trump and his supporters are racists, yet the president's approval rating with minorities continues to grow.  Every Democrat in Congress voted against the Trump tax cuts, predicting they would tank the economy, yet GNP growth is exploding to levels that President Obama repeatedly stated were impossible.  Black unemployment is at a record low, and the overall economy is at near full employment.  The Trump tax cuts have put more money in people's pockets, and confidence in America is rising.

The Mueller investigation has been revealed as a witch hunt desperately looking for anything to pin on Trump.  On illegal immigration, events have maneuvered Democrats and their supporters into being candid about their insane desire for open borders.  To show you how deranged the liberal left has become, it is even denouncing Bernie Sanders because he won't endorse the elimination of the Department of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Now, when crazy Bernie is not radical enough for you, you know you've jumped the shark. 

The American people watch as high-ranking Democrats show more concern for illegal aliens than they do for American citizens.  Democratic radicals have breached the borders of decency by harassing Trump staffers in their everyday lives.  Assuredly, none of this is going over well with the electorate.  Even average Democrat voters who are not foaming-at-the-mouth leftists, of which there are millions, are disgusted by what they see.  Defending the Democratic Party's actions is become an uphill climb that only the most committed are willing to take. 

Despite overreaction and hysterics from the Democrats over tragic school shootings and media adulation of poster boy David Hogg, there has been no dent in support for the 2nd Amendment.  And don't think for a moment that Americans are turned off by Trump's assertive trade policies and his taking freeloading allies to task for their miserable defense spending.  They are not.  The president's actions make sense to them.

The Democrats are showing themselves to be inflexible and incapable of reform. They criticize anything Trump does, even when it is obviously good for America.  The result is that, like their lapdogs in the media, Democrats have less and less credibility with each passing day.  They come across more like annoying dogs barking at the moon than adults engaging in serious debate.  

The Democratic Party is brittle; it is fragile.  Since it has become so dogmatic, it cannot bend, therefore it will shatter.  The upcoming November election could well be the straw that breaks the party's back, especially since the media has been touting a "blue wave."  Make no mistake: the Democrats are reeling and back on their heels.  Now is not the time to let up on them.  They must be finished off.  November could do the trick. 

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