Spain decides most beautiful woman in a man

Spain has selected a beauty queen for 2018 – and it's a man in disguise!  That's right: Spanish people think a man looks prettier than all the women in Spain!  What does this say about the Spanish culture?

After winning Spain's national beauty contest last month, [Mr.] Ponce will become the first transgender woman [sic] to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

"Having a vagina doesn't make a woman," [he] said in an interview.  "Even if many people don't want to see me as a woman, I clearly belong among them.  There are women with a penis and men with a vagina, because the only key part of being a woman is to be and feel like a woman," [he] said.

By this logic, if you think you are a woman but have the body parts of a man, you're a woman.  What I can't understand, then, is why people can't also be rose bushes, fire hydrants, and the wind.  And why can't I feel like an illegal alien family of four under the poverty line and collect welfare payments?  I feel as if I am.  Isn't that enough by this logic?

Three years ago, after winning a regional beauty contest, [he] moved to Madrid to pursue [his] career as a model.  [Mr.] Ponce also lamented what [he] described as the hypocrisy of some big clothing brands that refused [him] as a model once they found out that [he] was transgender. 

For a seller of women's clothes to want a woman to model its clothes is...hypocrisy!  If crazy is normal, then normal has to be crazy.

When [he] was about 16, [Mr.] Ponce decided to undergo hormonal treatment and eventually vaginal plastic surgery, "to remove what for me was a burden and a trauma." 

How sick is that?  Ponce mutilates himself because he believed that his natural body parts were a burden.  Then he had an artificial hole cut open within him, and he believes himself a woman!  It's really like something out of a horror film.

[M]uch of the recent social media criticism against [him] came from women overseas, who believe that [he] will have an unfair advantage over other national beauty queens when [he] participates in the Miss Universe pageant later this year.  Apart from [his] genital surgery, [Mr.] Ponce said the only other procedure [he] has undergone was plastic surgery to enlarge [his] breasts, following [his] hormonal treatment.

One has to wonder how many years this freak of nature has cut short from his life by massively injecting his body with hormones.  But the fact that he had a boob job is not what gives him an advantage over the other girls; what gives him an advantage is political correctness, the same P.C. that made him "the beauty queen of Spain."

I'm really surprised that the people of Spain tolerated this.  It shows that their culture has degenerated, perhaps even below ours.  If Spain were a normal country, its citizens would have sacked their pageant officials and selected a woman.

In the meantime, mutilated creations like Mr. Ponce will prance around and set terrible examples for confused people around the world.  It was funny when Corporal Klinger did it on M*A*S*H, a few decades ago; now it's merely sad, tragic, and alarming.

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