Scott Pruitt's exit probably was necessary

"Thank goodness he's gone." "Shame.  He should have stayed." I have a devil and angel on my shoulders arguing over, of all people and things in our sinful world, President Trump's former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Edward Scott Pruitt.  The federal custodian of our Providence-provided landscape resigned the day after the 4th of July amid a flurry of minor scandals. Word is that the president demanded his resignation through White House chief of staff John Kelly.  Pruitt obliged, sending a badly punctuated letter to Trump, expressing gratitude for having served him and wishing him "Godspeed" on the furtherance of his cause. Out of every original member of President Trump's Cabinet, Pruitt proved the most problematic.  The former Oklahoma attorney general came to the agency with a target on his back: he'd already sued the EPA numerous times, losing each...(Read Full Post)