Faced with failure, the left is going repulsively insane

Two glimpses of activists provide strong evidence that the left has been driven insane by the emerging triumph of populist common sense.  President Trump's election just couldn't have happened, according to their view.  But it did, and the efforts to undo it via a special counsel have produced nothing.  Meanwhile, Trump's commonsense policies have ignited a boom, and his popularity is rising.  In Europe, nationalism is resurgent, despite the best efforts of the globalists to subsume the continent into an imaginary "diversity" society that welcomes millions of Muslims who want not to assimilate, but rather to conquer.

Even the efforts to harness the sex drive to leftism are backfiring.  Comintern, the Soviet organ tasked with spreading communism worldwide, hitched itself to "free love" abroad as a way of attracting converts by offering them sex.  It worked really well on my generation, finding expression in a famous antiwar poster: "Girls say yes to boys who say no" (to the Vietnam-era draft).

After the fall of the Soviet Union, homosexual drives and ultimately a panoply of barrier- and even gender-smashing freedoms were championed by the left as "revolutionary" – capable of smashing the existing order.  Every and any sexual impulse now has its champion group, even pedophilia.

The problem with releasing restraint is that the darker impulses can come to the fore.  Despite the professed idealism of the utopias they offer, there is always a dark motive at the heart of efforts to change human nature.  A desire to elevate the purported ideal  over the possible is a mark of narcissism, the belief that the laws of human nature – reality – don't matter because of the virtue of the cause and of the person championing the cause.  

A couple of days ago, Tyler O'Neill of PJ Media chronicled and explained an intersectional conflict between lesbian feminists and transgender activists  at the London "Pride" parade.  The entire strategy of the left today involves uniting grievance groups around their common opposition to the established order.  But once all impulses are embraced, it turns out they are incompatible on certain points.  O'Neill's article is detailed and fascinating, but the nub of the matter is:

Transgenderism encourages some lesbians to "identify" as male, and as soon as they "transition" – assuming these "ex"-women still like women – they're suddenly straight!

Screen grab from Twitter via PJM.

There is much, much more.  Seen from the distance of a heterosexual cis male, it is pretty amusing.  But from the standpoint of the participants, it is deadly earnest.  Their very identities are at stake.  This conflict will not go away.  Intersectional strife is going to bedevil the left more and more.

Another example of the id unleashed just yesterday is actually repulsive.  Michelle Wolf, the comedian chosen by the White House Correspondents' Association to headline its latest dinner, where the goal was to pillory the sitting POTUS, has produced the most bizarrely repulsive television segment in history for her Netflix show.

Screen grab from YouTube.

Perhaps Ms. Wolf has never seen pictures of a dismembered baby removed from the womb shortly before birth was inevitable.  That would be the charitable assumption.

But the sheer inhumanity and repulsiveness of this celebration boggles my mind.  It is infantile, a narcissism that resembles a toddler discovering that the word "poo-poo" provokes a reaction from adults and therefore endlessly repeating it for attention.

None of this is going to attract an electoral majority or persuade people.

Drew Belsky adds: There are a few possible explanations for Wolf's salute to baby-slaughter.  One is that she's a useful idiot, pushing the abortion narrative for Sorosian behind-the-scenes villains who love abortion for its eugenic utility.  (Can't have the "unfit" reproducing, the reasoning goes.)  Thomas's toddler surmise gels with this option: Wolf enjoys the attention, while the eugenicists move the Overton window leftward.  Everyone wins except the torn apart babies.

Option number two, the more tragic one, is that Wolf has had a few abortions herself or is close to others who have (after fifty years of institutionalized child dismemberment, who isn't?), so she needs to double and triple down on the okayness of the procedure.  Otherwise, she'd have to come to terms with some terrible decisions, and her ego would collapse.

It's worth remembering that a "Salute to Chemotherapy" or a "Salute to Triple Bypass Surgery" wouldn't cause a stir.  Nor is this a "Salute to Late-Term Abortion," yet it's still got people agitated.  Either abortion is okay, in which case let's salute it all day long, or it's an unspeakable evil, in which case it doesn't matter whether the slaughter occurs shortly before birth or shortly after the new life is conceived.  There's no middle ground.

The pathetic silver lining in Wolf's stunt, and in the general leftist insanity Thomas highlights here, is that it clears up the smoke obscuring two discrete choices – in this case, between reality and insanity, between human dignity and gruesome child sacrifice.  Fewer fence-sitters is a good thing.  "Pro-choice" leftists should be pleased, right?