Faced with failure, the left is going repulsively insane

Two glimpses of activists provide strong evidence that the left has been driven insane by the emerging triumph of populist common sense.  President Trump's election just couldn't have happened, according to their view.  But it did, and the efforts to undo it via a special counsel have produced nothing.  Meanwhile, Trump's commonsense policies have ignited a boom, and his popularity is rising.  In Europe, nationalism is resurgent, despite the best efforts of the globalists to subsume the continent into an imaginary "diversity" society that welcomes millions of Muslims who want not to assimilate, but rather to conquer. Even the efforts to harness the sex drive to leftism are backfiring.  Comintern, the Soviet organ tasked with spreading communism worldwide, hitched itself to "free love" abroad as a way of attracting converts by offering them sex.  It worked really well on my generation,...(Read Full Post)