Pruitt's downfall was all about policy

Journalists got rid of the man at the EPA whom Democrats and the green lobby didn't like.  It certainly appears that he should be gone because of several questionable actions, but the reasons he was targeted were his and Trump's policies, not because of his actions.  That was an excuse. 

If journalists, lobbyists, and Democrats were actually concerned about unethical and corrupt activities at the EPA, transparency, questionable policies, and misuse of taxpayer money, they would have had a field day during Obama's eight years, and there was little coverage, so it is strictly about policies, and they will soon have a new target. 

Here are just some of the questionable, unethical, corrupt actions during Obama's tenure that received minuscule reporting, via Grabien:

44 Obama Era EPA Scandals the Media Ignored

The EPA illegally used social media to push for new EPA regulations

A subpoena was issued after McCarthy deleted nearly 6,000 text messages

Articles of impeachment were introduced against McCarthy after she was caught repeatedly lying to Congress

The EPA inspector general said McCarthy was lying when she said Michigan deserved blame for the Flint crisis

After the Colo. mine disaster, the EPA covered up incriminating evidence to shield its agents from prosecution

The EPA knew risk of a "blowout" before the Colorado mine disaster, and then later covered up this evidence

The EPA knew risk of a "blowout" before the Colorado mine disaster, and then later covered up this evidence

McCarthy was accused of permitting a workplace hostile to women, including letting workers download porn (even child porn)

Gina McCarthy spent $630,000 on international travel from 2013-2016

Obama's EPA hid experimental data debunking the 2015 ozone rule

Obama EPA employees earned overtime without justification

A former EPA adviser pleaded guilty to $900,000 in pay fraud; administrator McCarthy blamed a colleague not acting.

The EPA gave an ethics award to a fake employee, "Richard Windsor," which was actually an alias the EPA administrator used to avoid federal record keeping laws.

EPA workers at a Landover warehouse turned the space into a personal rec room/gym.

A study found the EPA routinely waives fees for environmental groups seeking information from the agency (more than 90 percent), while the media and watchdog groups received no such favors.

The EPA conducted a study in which children were intentionally exposed to diesel exhaust; when asked about it, they deleted all records of it from their website.

Emails from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson's secret account reveal her contempt for congressional oversight, the Wall Street Journal, and attempts to borrow art work from the Smithsonian for the EPA's office.

The EPA mandated gasoline blenders use a fuel ... that doesn't exist.

The EPA's mandated ethanol blend E15 has been discovered to destroy engines -- but the rule has not been repealed.

To avoid federal laws governing electronic record keeping, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used "alias" email accounts.

After a Democrat-led Senate rejects his global warming emissions law, Obama uses the EPA to impose them anyway

Barack Obama still goes around bragging, lying that under his tenure, there were no scandals, and the adoring media mostly let him, Hillary, and others get away with it, even supporting putting the corrupt Clintons back in the White House.

President Trump is working hard to bring back manufacturing and other jobs to America.  Obama said they were gone for good – and Obama's regulations helped accelerate the trend.  Trump is trying to give economic opportunities to all Americans, no matter what race, sex, or creed.  Obama sought to make as many people dependent on government as he could in an attempt to buy votes. 

The media should stop pretending they care about ethics, corruption, and misuse of government money, since they looked the other way no matter what Obama and his people did.  All most of them care about are policies, and they seek to destroy Trump every day.  The lobbyists, Democrats, and environmentalists never cared about ethics, corruption, or misuse of money during Obama, either, so they should stop with their fake outrage.

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