The Other David Hogg makes an argument quite unlike any other against abortion

With the national debate set to go into overtime on abortion with the upcoming Supreme Court nomination, an eloquent argument for choosing life comes from an unexpected source – young David Hogg of North Carolina, who has often been confused with high school gun control activist David Hogg of Parkland, Florida, due to similar age, appearance, and name – but absolutely opposite points of view.  As I wrote here a few months ago, the North Carolina kid was pretty impressive, and I hoped we'd hear more of him.

Now we have, and he's got an amazing argument for choosing life over choosing abortion.

He published one of his letters to his deceased twin brother that he wrote as a child:

Here we see the view of a kid who's about seven years old, writing to his twin brother who died right before he was born, a preemie death with a heart rate.

What makes it powerful is that it's so genuine and uncontrived.  The seven-year-old David, who writes and thinks exactly as a seven-year-old does, recognizes the human bond he has with the brother he can only remotely remember from the womb, obviously recognizing the deceased brother as a person.  He has no knowledge that his seven-year-old self could be making a powerful argument for recognizing the personhood of every human being, as he now sees in his pro-life statement.  He's just doing what comes natural for a seven-year old.

In a way, it resembles how North Carolina David Hogg was unexpectedly thrown into the spotlight by the Parkland shooting.  People are chosen.

Presumably, the abortion lobby will dismiss this, but no normal person really can, not after reading those letters.  Once again, David Hogg of North Carolina has brought some sanity back into the world with his powerful thinking, this time on the beauty of life.

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