The crazy left is giving Trump lots of free advertising

The left has gone crazy.  I am talking about not their ideas, but rather their behavior.

They've gone from "Hillary won the popular vote" to Russia collusion to Trump had a moment with a porn star.  And nothing seems to stick!

The latest insanity is "Abolish ICE," a campaign that seems to be abolishing the left instead.

The New York Post made an excellent point about all this:

On July 4, Therese Patricia Okoumou chose to use the towering symbol of a welcoming America to protest President Trump's cruel policies separating asylum-seeking parents from their children. 

We couldn't sympathize more with the cause – or less with how she acted on it, splintering from a group protest under the misguided and viral slogan "Abolish ICE."

On America's birthday, Okoumou interrupted thousands in the act of pilgrimage to the Statue of Liberty.  She took an urgent and righteous cause and squandered it on self-indulgent symbolism practically begging misinterpretation that works in Trump's favor.

It's all helping President Trump because these immature people can't do anything serious.

It does not help the activists that the voters are suddenly thinking about immigration.  On top of that, we see that voters do not want to abolish ICE, once again forcing Democrats in competitive elections to answer a question that they'd rather not have to answer.

Yes, the Trump campaign has a new New York spokesperson – that woman hanging from the Statue of Liberty.

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