Mueller's witch hunt a growing disaster for national security

Is it time to shut the Mueller investigation down? The evidence is mounting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's open-ended investigation into whether President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton (which has turned up nothing on that specific front) is becoming more than just a political burr under the saddle of President Trump.  It may be a growing national security problem. Here are four points that demonstrate the extent of this problem. First, the law of two can play that game is coming into play, changing the nature of diplomacy – for the worse. Mueller's team indicted 12 GRU-linked Russians for hacking, which they probably did, as his means of showing that something is there on the hacking front and can be brought to court.  In the past, this was never done.  Cold Warriors stayed in the shadows and played their rough law-of-the-jungle games, unknown to civilians, but now Mueller...(Read Full Post)