Mueller indicts 12 Russians...yawn

Gee, what a coincidence.  The day after disgraced Peter Strzok testi-lies, not testifies, before Congress, revealing that the Obama DOJ gave the Steele dossier to the FBI, and showing for all to see the corrupt investigation to whitewash Hillary's crimes and the attempt to damage Trump, Mueller indicts 12 Russians for hacking into the DNC computers  The FBI has been investigating this for over two years.  Mueller, with his band of over twelve Hillary-Obama-supporters masquerading as investigators, has been investigating this for 14 months.  But Mueller sees fit to indict these Russians during the week that Strzok and Page testilie before Congress.  Why did it take so long to discover this and indict?  Maybe Strzok should have spent more time investigating instead of emailing his girlfriend about how to stop Trump. The indictment, dated July 13, 2018, was announced by Rod Rosenstein, who apparently has taken control of...(Read Full Post)