Vaunted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is damaged goods now

Voters hate phoniness. And, well, the Democrats' new golden girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, now embodies it, with revelations that "Sandy from the block," "the tough girl from the Bronx," isn't quite what she said she was.  Actually, far from the gritty streets of the Bronx, Ocasio grew up in leafy Westchester, home of the upper-middle class, and exactly the sort of place a cosseted Democratic Socialists of America member headed to an Ivy League college is likely to come from.  Bleagh. This is a dramatic turnaround.  Ocasio's youth, hipsterly pert campaign literature, and fresh-faced good looks had, up until a few days ago, been hailed as sign that Democrats' fortunes were turning upward, socialism was alive, and a blue wave was building after all.  Ocasio used her ethnicity to draw ethnic voters, and while her ethnicity itself is not in question, her supposed common shared experience with those voters...(Read Full Post)