George Will calls Trump 'low-life from Queens'

President Trump in his first eighteen months in office eliminated many governmental regulations, opened federal offshore lands for drilling of oil and gas, greenlit the pipeline, negotiated a fairer trade deal with the E.U., and reduced the income tax rates and simplified the tax code.  This caused the economy to surge and grow.  For example, this quarter, the GDP grew by 4.1%.

As a result, more jobs are created, and we have the lowest unemployment rate since 2000.  Black unemployment is at the lowest rate since 1972.  In comparison, in 2010, under Obama, the black unemployment rate was 16.8%.  The unemployment rate for Hispanics in June 2018 dropped to 4.6%.

President Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

On foreign matters, President Trump is dealing with North Korea to reduce the tensions.  North Korea agreed to return the remains of U.S. servicemen killed in the Korean War, and fifty-five (55) have been returned.

President Trump cancelled the disastrous Iran deal, but Iran still keeps the $150 billion Obama gave it.

 NATO has agreed to pay its fair, proportionate share of expenses for defense.

On immigration, the Supreme Court upheld the travel bans issued by President Trump.

A real conservative would and should support this agenda and give credit to President Trump for moving this conservative agenda.

But George Will, regarded for the past forty years as a leading conservative commentator but now in his new role as the housebroken pet conservative at MSNBC, described President Trump as a "lowlife from Queens."

Previously, Will called Trump the worst president in U.S. history.

According to Will, Trump is not merely a lowlife, but a lowlife from Queens.  Evidently, being from Queens is a further example of a lowlife.  Will fancies himself a wordsmith, so he did not use Hillary's "deplorables" or Obama's "those who cling to God and guns."  But the meaning is the same.  Trump is a lowlife, so his supporters must be lowlifes to vote for him.

Why do so called conservatives like Will, Bill Kristol, and most of National Review and the Wall Street Journal hate Trump personally with such vitriol?  If they truly cared about a conservative agenda, as they have been writing for years, they would support Trump's policies, give him credit, and refrain from the incessant personal attacks on President Trump.  What is the purpose of the constant personal attacks?  How do such vicious personal attacks help move the conservative agenda?

The Will boys view themselves as the self-appointed media spokesmen for conservatives.  They have seen their power and influence decrease substantially because of the diverse conservative sites on the internet, such as American Thinker, where one can read various viewpoints.  The Will boys have lost their monopoly, which they had for years, appearing on the Sunday morning TV shows, to "speak" the approved line. 

The Will boys are upset that deplorables, lowlifes, and those who cling to God and guns do not follow the wishes of the Will boys on voting.  They are offended that we did not vote for a polite "Jeb!"

Simply stated, we do not need Will, Kristol, etc.  They are history.

Photo credit: Croppped from Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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