NeverTrump Bret Stephens warns Dems to not 'lose their marbles' in 2020

Call the irony police while staring at the mirror, Bret!

Bret Stephens, who hates President Trump so vigorously that he left the Wall Street Journal for the New York Times, is worried about his new buddies in the Democratic Party succumbing to the same mental condition that afflicted him: Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Of course, he has no perspective on his own situation, but at least he does manage to recognize it in others, and he even sees how dangerous to his cause the madness can be.  In others, anyway.

NewsBusters captured the moment on Katry Tur's MSNBC show.  It will take less than a minute of your time:

Summary via NewsBusters (emphasis in original):

So I think Democrats may be – Donald Trump may be doing what I – doing his greatest disservice, which is he may be making Democrats lose their marbles. If Democrats are gonna win, they need message focus, they need an optimistic strategy for the American people, and they want – they need to show that they’re not just interested in humiliating Trump, they’re interested in making things better for Americans.

Tur then laughably asked: “Why would a Democrat listen to Bret Stephens, conservative columnist?”

Well, I know how conservatives think and I’ve seen many of these elections before. Look, one of the reasons I’m at The New York Times is I’m a never-Trumper....I do not want to see Donald Trump re-elected. I want to make America sane again. I want a president that I can respect. And I’m offering genuinely friendly advice.

As J. Marsolo notes today, Trump has already accomplished many of the goals conservatives have fought for, yet a faction of former conservatives care little about the policies they formerly endorsed and declare Trump unacceptable on style or aesthetic grounds.  He is vulgar, a "lowlife from Queens," in George Will's very revealing criticism.  They reveal that they care more about the opinion of the left-dominated elites than about implementing the policies they recognize as superior.