Free flights for illegals on United, while the rest of us pay full fare?

United Airlines, the airline that famously dragged a paying passenger off a flight, stuffed a dog into an overhead compartment and killed it, and junked a priceless guitar in its baggage handlers' tender care, has come up with a new one for us: free flights for unscreened illegals, sitting right there next to the paying passengers in those newly shrunken seats.  In the name virtue-signaling, of course.

Here's the news item:

United Airlines is donating flights to help reunited immigrant [sic] families that were separated at the U.S.'s southern border.

The San Francisco Business Times reported Thursday that the pro-immigration lobbying group announced United's donation in a Facebook post, calling it "needed, timely, and critical."

"A growing community of support is coming together to reunite families who were separated at the border," the group posted Wednesday.  "We are so thankful and happy to announce that United Airlines is jumping in and helping.  Thanks to this partnership with United, we are able to provide travel to the recently reunited immigrant [sic] families to get to their next destination with dignity."

Now, I'm all for an airline showing compassion.  Kids separated from their parents due to their parents' prison problems and kids separated from their parents due to divorce ought to get free flights, too.  But this is from the airline that just a few days ago refused to refund the ticket of a woman who got stuck sitting next to a masturbator, and then got the treat of hearing United's flight attendants joking about it.  Here's the "customer service" she got from United, as she posted it on Instagram:

So as United tightwads this woman who had a repulsive, traumatic experience on one of its flights, and then offers her a fake apology, coupled with a disgusting assumption that she'd actually want to ride again, the company break out the free stuff for illegals, offering $3 million in free flights to people who have thumbed their noses at U.S. immigration law and can't be bothered to apply for entry legally, though, as Howie Carr notes, they certainly have no problem jumping in for the benefits.  Who'd want to come here legally with so much free stuff being showered on those who don't?

And more to the point, who pays for this?  We pay.  Through higher airline ticket costs, which can certainly add up, as a protected class gets more free stuff and the rest of us cover for them, both through our taxes and our inflated costs for airline tickets.

And if one of those illegals brings a disease and in close quarters infects a paying customer, let alone conducts MS-13 activities, you can bet Lauren Michaels will be on the case, apologizing and refusing a refund.

The whole thing shows a bad pattern, making illegal immigration increasingly lucrative, much more attractive, in fact, than emigrating legally, which is actually getting harder.  Who needs a coyote when United Airlines gives it away for free?  Call it another perverse incentive.

Why is this going on?  The news account says United is distributing its free flights for illegals through Mark Zuckerberg's pro-illegals activist group,  As if Zuck needs the money.  What it looks like is some kind of one-hand-washes-the-other instance of crony capitalism, on top of the insult to paying customers, in order to virtue-signal good intentions.  Maybe United needed something from Zuck, and this amounts to the everyone-wins solution – everyone except the paying customer and the law-abiding citizens and residents who pay full fare.

Graphic montage by Monica Showalter.  Jetliner image by Alan Wilson via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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