Egads! SJWs look to hijack academic conference on medieval studies

Medieval studies is one of those academic disciplines that fairly breathes "ivory tower."  You wouldn't think it the sort of place where scholars care much about modern politics or the social justice agenda. Let's face it: it was hard for the knights and ladies to be racist when there were no black people around to hate. But that hasn't stopped SJWs in the medieval academic community who are threatening to boycott the discipline's largest annual conference because there's nothing on the agenda related to their pet causes. Campus Reform: On July 11, the BABEL Working Group published an open letter to the organizers of the International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS), which is planning to host its annual conference of about 3,000 academics at Western Michigan University in May 2019, outlining two "concerns" about the conference. "The first is that there seems to be a bias...(Read Full Post)