Angela Merkel's fall from grace

Not too long ago, Angela Merkel was hailed as "the leader of the free world" and declared Time Magazine's "person of the year" – the "chancellor of the free world."  That was before the reckoning for her decision that what Deutschland needed was virtue-signaling, in the form of a million "refugees," the overwhelming majority of whom were military-age males, claiming to be fleeing the brutal civil war in Syria.  The result, predictable to anyone who lives in the real world, where the irony of "the religion of peace" sobriquet for Islam is blindingly obvious, is that her coalition government is fighting for its life, and she is faced with an intolerable choice.

Her ruling coalition depends on the votes of Bavaria's Christian Social Union (CSU), whose leader is demanding that Germany turn away any more refugees at the borders, or else he will resign and pull his party's votes from the coalition, resulting in new elections, which Merkel is likely to lose.  Guy Hazan of the Financial Times reports:

The two parties embroiled in Germany's escalating political crisis gave themselves one last chance to resolve their differences, agreeing to meet at 5pm Berlin time on Monday for talks that could seal the fate of Angela Merkel and her three-month-old coalition government.  If the two fail to bury the hatchet, Horst Seehofer, interior minister and leader of Ms Merkel's Bavarian sister party the CSU, has said he will resign, a move that would mark a historic rupture in the centre-right of German politics. ...

Mr Seehofer proposed last month that German border police be given the power to turn away refugees if they were already registered in other EU countries. Ms Merkel said such unilateral moves would lead to a cascade of border closures throughout the EU that would endanger the Schengen passport-free travel zone and threaten European unity.  She also hinted that she would sack Mr Seehofer if he persisted with the policy over her objections. 

The "borderless Europe" promised by the Schengen Treaty has been the goal of the Euro-elites, who see mere national cultures as backward, narrow, and the cause of the two world wars of the 20th century that wrecked Europe and handed world leadership to the United States.  More than anything, they want a "united Europe" to take back leadership from the Yankees, though they are unwilling to spend the necessary funds on military might to defend themselves.  They see nationalism as an evil and therefore foolishly believe that refugees and other immigrants are simply human raw materials that can been shaped by the right social policies into modern citizens of Europe. The fact that this hasn't worked out in France, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and anywhere else that Muslims have settled in large numbers while refusing to assimilate has impressed the local residents more than their political leaders.

Now it is coming to a head for Merkel and her party.

With the fate of her government hanging by a thread and only two hours from the time of this posting to go before the deadline, there is no time for tears.  A reckoning is coming for liberal delusions in a matter of hours.

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