Trump's statesmanship surprise

Nobody knew.  None of us saw it.  Among his biggest supporters, maybe a handful suspected it.  Many of us expected the economic renewal of the U.S. to happen.  Many of us foresaw a significant roll back of Saint Barack's horrid, destructive agenda.   A lot of us hoped for a major push back on the left. All of which we have gotten. None of us, no one I have read, no one I know, expected Donald Trump to be a giant in foreign policy.  No one expected him to reshape the world.  Yet Donald Trump, in a short time, is doing so.  That was supposed to be one of the reasons to vote against him.  He had no foreign policy experience.  He did not understand the world.  He was going to lead us into wars.  He would be taken advantage of by our enemies.  He would ruin our alliances.  He would be a rube.   A bumpkin.  An...(Read Full Post)