On North Korea, Trump is solving problems he inherited, yet Democrats who caused the problems can't stop complaining

With the Singapore summit underway between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, the left just can't stop complaining.  But let's look at what's really going on.  Trump threatened North Korea, and now North Korea is coming to the table, possibly to cave.  Other presidents, bureaucrats, and world leaders continually appeased North Korea for decades, while the latter continually built its weapons stockpile.  A few months ago, these same experts were saying Trump would cause World War III and was deranged.  Now these people are lecturing Trump about what he should do next.

It is especially galling to listen to Democratic senator Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrats, who did nothing for decades now lecture Trump.  Here's what he sent a few days ago:

Senate Democrats told President Trump on Monday that they won't accept a deal to lift sanctions on North Korea unless the country completely and permanently eliminates its nuclear and missile testing program.

"Sanctions relief by the U.S. and our allies should be dependent on dismantlement and removal of North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J. wrote in a letter to Trump.  "Any deal that explicitly or implicitly gives North Korea sanctions relief for anything other than the verifiable performance of its obligations to dismantle its nuclear and missile arsenal is a bad deal."

They snipe and complain, no matter how successful President Trump is, and it's far from the only example of this behavior.  Here are some others:

On Iran, Trump is trying to hold this terrorism-spreading nation, that harms its neighbors, supports Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, and pledges death to America and Israel accountable.  So now the complaints are flowing.  Yet for eight years, President Obama and other world leaders built up the tyrants and terrorists from Iran by giving them huge amounts of money and pretending that an agreement that wasn't signed was an actual agreement.  Today they are lecturing Trump because, after all, they want to sell stuff to and buy stuff from these terrorist-sponsoring tyrants. 

Trump kept the promise of Congress and previous presidents to move our embassy in Israel, and the experts predicted it would be a disaster.  Now that the embassy is open, it appears that there are few problems and whatever they are, they are small.  Shouldn't embassies be where a country conducts its business and calls its capital, or should we just cave in to Iran's wishes? 

Trump supported Brexit while Obama and others said Great Britain would suffer greatly if the British voted for Brexit.  The other European leaders and Obama obviously like a powerful central government, and freedom is secondary.  I am having trouble spotting the collapse of Great Britain. 

Trump is helping Ukraine defend itself against Russia as we were obligated to do when Ukraine gave up its nuclear stockpile.  Obama and other European leaders did nothing to help Ukraine defend itself but did tell Russian president Vladimir Putin to cut it out.  Obama also allowed Russia to get control of uranium in the U.S. that the Russians could in turn sell to anyone, including Iran and North Korea.  Commodities are essentially fungible, so this could happen, regardless of export controls.  I did not see the European leaders protest the sale.

Trump is helping Europe with natural gas from the U.S. to reduce the dependency on Russia and yet we get no thank-yous from that bunch.  In fact, they pretend it is Trump who kowtows to Russia even though this act on gas cuts off some of his cash flow and control. 

Trump is trying to destroy terrorist organizations that other world leaders have allowed to expand for decades, from Hezb'allah to ISIS to Hamas to FARC. 

Trump is trying to fix the massive imbalance in trade between U.S and the world that has gone on for decades.  Other countries impose taxes and tariffs on U.S. goods and are now squealing about Trump imposing tariffs as if they never have done it themselves.  The media, Republicans, and world leaders are acting as if Trump were seeking to destroy the "world order" with his tariffs.  Of course, they would prefer the status quo because they have had advantages from it for decades.

Trump is showing the world how to goose the world's largest economy with regulatory relief and lower taxes.  On that front, he is being lectured about not knowing what he is doing because, like Obama, they prefer a bigger government.  The experts said the economy and markets would collapse if Trump got elected.  As with so many things, the so-called experts were not only wrong, but exponentially wrong. 

Trump learned from President Ronald Reagan that the way to defeat tyrants is to beat them, not appease them.  He also learned throughout history that the best way to goose an economy is to unleash the dynamism of the private sector, which helps to lift almost all boats.  Sadly, Obama, the Democrats, other world leaders, and most of the media learned little if nothing from history because their policies almost solely rely on bigger government, which keeps more people dependent on government instead of allowing them to move up the economic ladder. 

While Trump is focused on fixing problems left to him, reviving an economy that experts said could only grow slowly and bringing down dangerous tyrants, other world leaders, Obama, the pope, and a majority of politicians are focused like a laser beam on...climate change.  And they blame Trump for not believing in the fictions they do.

It just underlines that politicians from around the world, experts, and bureaucrats, who have not only not solved problems, but helped create and compound them, can't stand the thought of an outsider like Trump solving economic and diplomatic problems better than they would.  So they lecture us that he doesn't know what he is doing.  The media, instead of pointing out all the problems the experts created and didn't solve with their methods, just repeat the talking points that Trump doesn't know what he is doing.  The rest of us are getting a little tired of this dreary game of theirs, played in such lockstep.

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