To Trump's critics: Where's the beef?

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign and particularly since Donald Trump's electoral victory and subsequent inauguration, NeverTrumps across the political spectrum have been hysterically decrying the existential threat the president poses to, variously, our economy, "our American values," the "international order" (to the extent that one may be true, it's about time someone did!), our security alliances, and democracy itself. Bill Maher, caring and wise leftist that he is, longs for a recession, as that offers the best chance of getting rid of Trump.  Who needs all those stinking jobs, anyway?  A befuddled George Soros recently observed that "everything that could go wrong" has indeed come to pass, and moreover, he is certain that Donald Trump is "willing to destroy the world."  Oh, and lest you haven't heard, Trump is a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, Hitler, fascist (a word...(Read Full Post)