The conservative free speech dilemma

In a democratic republic, freedom of expression and enlightened, open-ended debate are paramount. Yet in America in 2018, First Amendment rights are vanishing for conservatives.

There's a reason: Powerful entities such as online and televised media, many of whom are left-oriented, have gradually shape-shifted our nation's speech to match their political flavor.
For progressives, this uneven playing field is a seismic boon. For conservatives, not so much, nor is it good for even moderate left-wing thinkers. Under such a regimen, though, a land and people once revered as freedom-loving now creep closer toward socialism.
Yet there they stand: the venomous resistance and never-Trumper,s alone atop a shrewdly crafted ideological mountain.
Seated beneath, weary deplorables take it, having insults and mockery heaped upon their heads.
Because what they see, in real time, is leftist Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube flaunting their platforms by silencing all who oppose their agenda.
That leaves, on countless computer screens worldwide, carte blanche for tirades from David Hogg, George Soros, Robert DeNiro, and a gaggle of egocentric, ill-tempered progressive talking heads.
Yes, Soros and his gun-grabbing poster boy, Hogg, for example, can defame the National Rifle Association as well as gun-owners, for example, with unprecedented impunity. Yet, de facto McCarthyite censorship awaits any person brave enough to cry foul amid this madness, because these media outlets, with so much power, shut conservatives up.
It amounts to a noxious culture of undermining the First Amendment to ultimately dismantle our Bill of Rights and it is so obvious, it's insulting.
Yet, even though we can clearly perceive the left's dirty tricks, our precious liberties such as freedom of speech, religion, and the right to bear arms, nonetheless, lay beneath this liberalist Sword of Damocles.
And with each Twitter-purge, antifa rally, and CNN town hall, these forces come another step closer toward achieving their lofty goal of progressive rule.
That harsh reality stated, the only way to slow these attacks and preserve our imperiled freedoms is by remaining steadfast amid the media's blitz.

Make no mistake, this is the fight of our lives. And we cannot be coerced into surrendering our most powerful resource: our freedom of speech.

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